Our Story

The beginnings of our work go back to the year 2012. That time we focused on the production of handbags out of plain fabrics, like cotton, wool or nylon. Machine sewing is what we perceived was the best way to achieve the quality we were looking for back then.

After few years of experimenting with fabrics, we started using a natural leather in our projects. We discovered its unique properties and plenty of new possibilities. As time went by, the leather became our main raw material.

With change of material came changes in processing methods.
We had to adapt our workshop as well as whole inventory.
Thus we switched entirely from machine work to manual labor.

Wind the time another few years ahead and today we make luxury leather goods that we can vouch for literally with our hands.

Our Philosophy

In age of mass-production, when the profitability comes before quality we are constantly being deceived by large brands of their products being handmade by skilled artisans, whereas the truth behind is quite different. In most of the cases, it is rather hand-operated machines that do the work.

Our take on this matter is the core of our philosophy. We want to return the craftsmanship its actual meaning and deliver our customer truly handcrafted products which will accompany them for years.

We share belief that care and attention to detail that goes into our products will make a small difference in your everyday life.

Our Team


Jakub Wilczewski

Founder, Creative Director, Craftsman, Photographer


Przemyslaw Mikolajczak

Co-Founder, Craftsman